Trimarchi di Villa Marchese

The origins of Trimarchi Family
The ancient feud of the Trimarchi family dates back to Northeastern Sicily from the 15th century. It belonged to the Sicilian nobility, the family of Greek-Byzantine origin, in the early XV° century settled in Savoca, Messina and, for centuries, it was at the center of the political, administrative, ecclesiastical and economic life of the city.

The story of a family since 1400
The first traces of the Trimarchi family date back to around 1400 when Polidoro Trimarchi, a soldier of the King Alfonso of Aragon called the "Magnanimous”, took part in the conquest of the Kingdom of Naples and later was General Commissar in Sicily.

Poor news is about his father Giorgio, although his historical findings make him a famous captain of venture in Francesco Sforza's militias. Up to 1791 the investment in Matteo Trimarchi of the baron of Villa Marchese.

Even today in Savoca there are traces of the ancient family: the marble coat of arms on the façade of the mother church; the fifteenth-century borough of Santa Domenica, the eighteenth-century palazzo where the family lived between the 16th and the 20th centuries, overlooking the main square "Piazza Fossìa", where in 1971 some scenes of the movie "Il Padrino" (The Godfather) by Francis Ford Coppola, now known on the ground floor as "Vitelli’s Bar”.

The farm
The farm consists of two large land plots located in the eastern part of the island: the historic one of the family, preserved by grandfather Ciccio, in the area of origin north of Savoca and the youngest, strongly wanted by grandfather Giacomo, in the south on the hills of Syracuse.

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Timeline: First traces of Trimarchi’s family
From the origins to our days
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