About us

Take two Italians with passion for food, natural ingredients, well-being and love for their home country. Let's say one is from Southern Italy and one from Northern Italy. Add a good bunch of local Italian producers looking to bring their delicious products abroad. Adjust with a pinch of creativity...there you have Eat Amore!

An online delicatessen where to shop authentic and natural foods, prepared with genuine ingredients from Italy, according to traditional Mediterranean and Sicilian recipes.

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We aim to connect consumers to our main passion: quality.
We do not use intermediaries or mass productions but provide delicacies made with passion and life experience of Italian food artisans.
That’s how Eat Amore delights the palate of foodies and casual diners with a unique selection of products and collections.

We carefully select our suppliers by severe quality standards (such as genuineness, natural ingredients and reliability of the producers) and include in our portfolio only artisan products that can be considered excellencies based on their taste, nutritional properties and preparation processes

Meet our producers 🔗


Our mission is to bring artisan food excellencies from the laboratories of local Italian producers directly into customers’ kitchens, aiming to become the main point of reference for the distribution of regional artisan Italian food products outside Italy.


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