Spaghetti with black olives pate'

Spaghetti with black olives pate'


Enjoy all the taste of black olives with this quick and easy recipe. The spreadable cheese adds smoothness balancing the taste of the pate, making at the same time the the sauce richer and creamier. 

Ingredients for 4 people


(1) In a non-stick pan, put a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and heat. When the oil is just warm, without frying it, add three quarters of the black olives paté. You can add a dash of Philadelphia cheese (to make it creamy).
Stir with a wooden spoon and leave it for a few minutes.

(2) In the meantime, bring the water the boil a cook spaghetti "al dente".
When the pasta is ready, drain it and pour it into the non-stick pan together with the sauce of black olive paté. Sauté in the pan for about two minutes so the spaghetti nicely absorb the sauce.

(3) Turn off the hob, add the black olive pate sauce left aside and one more dash of Philadelphia, the whole black olives (preferably pitted) and give one last mix. Serve warm.

Buon appetito!

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