Fried prawns with garlic

Fried prawns with garlic


A simple and quick recipe for prawns in a garlicky sauce to be enjoyed as delicious starter as well as second course. 

Ingredients for 2 people:


(1) Rinse the prawns with cold water and drain them in a colander.
Press the garlic cloves with the blade of a knife. You do this in order to release the flavours of the garlic.

(2) In a pan fry the garlic in extra virgin olive oil for approximately 5 minutes on a low heat. The olive oil will absorb the garlic flavour. After a few minutes flip the garlic cloves to the other side.

(3) Remove the garlic gloves, add the prawns and fry them until their colour changes to pink on both sides.

(4) Serve the prawns and sprinkle them with extra virgin olive oil and a drizzle of fresh lemon juice. Serve with bread or as main course.

Don't overcook the prawns, they will be dry and hard to peel

Buon appetito!

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