"Dolcezze di Rumia" gourmet foods

"Dolcezze di Rumia" gourmet foods

Sicilian Artisan Delicacies

“Dolcezze di Rumia” by Ross Rumia was established in Sicily in 1998, where the Sicilian gastronomic tradition met craftsmanship handed down for generations.

You can find Ross every day in his artisan delicatessen in Santa Teresa di Riva, Messina, from 6am when fresh blood oranges and citrus fruits are delivered straight from the fields to prepare his famous “blood orange jam”.

The perfume of freshly cooked oranges goes from the laboratory to the deli where 20 years of experience fills shelves with gourmet foods and delicacies.

During all these years Ross has produced and pleased private Italian consumers as well as Sicilian hospitality businesses, looking for the best foods to serve and display.

Ross says “we have always tried to distinguish ourselves by careful research and a meticulous selection of our products, evaluating their exact origin and the history of their ingredients”.

Ross believes in quality as the only way to go, developing products from biologically perfect production cycles.

Dolcezze di Rumia invests daily in human and technological resources, following a path of continuous evolution and innovation to better meet the needs of consumers.
The production is extensively checked through the taste of flavours, smells and colours, making sure to keep intact the ancient manufacturing methods of the Sicilian land.

Ross knows the territory extensively and his work aims to bring to consumer dining tables the intense flavour of Sicily, a harsh and hard land to cultivate that rewards everyone with always generous fruits of the land.
Dolcezze di Rumia only uses Sicilian products (with the exception of chocolate) offering a gourmet food proposition and delicacies you will not in any supermarket.
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