Our Producers

Eat Amore relies on small artisan food productions located in Sicily.
Italian family-run businesses and small enterprises cultivate the earth using old techniques passed on from generations.
Our suppliers haven't changed a single recipe from what their ancestors taught and preached them, to secure natural and authentic ingredients on your dining tables.
Meet our suppliers and read about their stories

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 “Dolcezze di Rumia” established near Messina (Sicily) is a gourmet food producer whom strictly uses Sicilian and natural ingredients. His delicacies are the result of decades of gastronomic tradition handed down for generations

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  Frantoio Leonardi, established in Zafferana (Sicily), is an old oil mill producing PGI certified (protected geographical indication) extra virgin olive oils. Its products are made of the most famous Sicilian olive cultivars.
olive oil
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Frantoio SAFF, is an old oil mill located near the Madonie Park (Sicily), part of the Unesco Global Park Network. SAFF produces biological extra virgin olive oil and conserves it under liquid nitrogen, to carefully preserves its aroma
The ancient feud of the Trimarchi family dates back to Northeastern Sicily from the 15th century. It belonged to the Sicilian nobility, the family of Greek-Byzantine origin, in the early XV° century settled in Savoca, Messina and, for centuries, it was at the center of the political, administrative, ecclesiastical and economic life of the city.