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"Traditions and love for  the Sicilian earth"
Certified organic - biological

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Saff extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olives harvested from centuries-old plants grown within the Madonie Park, in a mild and breezy hilly climate, at an average height of 650 meters above sea level. 

Madonie Park is a place of great interest for biodiversity and geology and part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.
It has the largest quantity of bio-diversities in Sicily and in the entire Mediterranean area. More than 1600 plant entities have been catalogued on the 40 000 hectares of the park.
This is thanks to the wide variety of climatic conditions (as the park extends from coast to mountains) the as well as the geographical position (between Europe, Asia and Africa).  

This particular geo-location prevents the aggression of olive crops by flies and parasites without using pesticides, thus ensuring low level of acidity in the olive oil obtained. The outcome of laboratory examinations to which Saff oil is subjected, records a percentage of acidity equal to 0.26%. The classification of an extra virgin olive oil, as required by the Italian legislation, requires maximum acidity of 0.8%.

The olive cultivars used by Saff are:
- Biancolilla
- Native cultivars from the Nocellara strain
- Carolea
This composition provides the oil with fragrant notes, light fruitiness and a pleasant taste on the palate.
Saff performs a unique oil production method involving cold press and liquid nitrogen for its conservation. 

The olives are harvested and transported to the mill within the same day, to be freshly pressed. The milling takes place using Pieralisi machines that operate cold press in continuous cycle (this way the temperature of the olive paste is kept below 26 degrees during the process) and in two phases (without adding water, preventing the loss of the organoleptic properties of the oil).

Once the oil is produced, it is stored in stainless steel silos. Before their use, the silos are carefully cleaned and sanitized to prevent any encrustations of bacteria inside, they are then equipped with a nitrogen system that prevents the entry of air and therefore avoids the oxidation of the product contained therein. In addition, the storage room is equipped with an air conditioning system that maintains the temperature at a maximum of 16 degrees and a minimum of 14 degrees.
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